A police officer or protective services officer may apply for a review of certain decisions made by the Chief Commissioner or delegate (Victoria Police Act 2013, s.146).

Which decisions are open to review?


Practice Note: Reviews sets out the process and timeframes for conducting a review hearing and includes:

  • how to make an application
  • lodging and serving submissions and other documents
  • issues to be addressed in submissions
  • how to apply to close a hearing or omit information from published decisions.

Review hearings

Review hearings are open public unless otherwise ordered. See Review Hearing List.

Hearing officers

Termination or dismissal hearings: Three members of the Review Division (one must be the President or Deputy President and one a legal practitioner of at least five years standing).

Other hearings: A single member of the Review Division or two members (one must be the President or Deputy President).


Search and access published review decisions.

Further information

See the Victoria Police Act 2013 (External link) (Part 8) or contact PRSB Secretary on (03) 9600 4288.