Police Officers and Protective Service Officers may apply to the PRSB for review of certain decisions made under the Victoria Police Act 2013, as listed in section 146:

Decision Category Description Victoria Police Act 2013
Disciplinary decisions Dismissal s.146(1)(m) or s.146(2)(k)
  Fine s.146(1)(j) or s.146(2)(h)
  Period of ineligibility for promotion s.146(1)(k) or s.146(2)(I)
  Reduction of rank or seniority s.146(1)(e) or s.146(2)(c)
  Reduction of remuneration s.146(1)(f) or s.146(2)(d)
  Termination of appointment s.146(1)(I) or s.146(2)(j)
  Transfer s.146(1)(g) or s.146(2)(e)
Incapacity Dismissal s.70(2)(d)
  Reduction of rank or seniority s.702(2)(b) or (c)
  Transfer s.70(2)(a) or (c)
Non-disciplinary decision Decision not to promote officer, being a constable to the rank of senior constable, in the same position s.146(1)(d)
  Disallow officer's promotion s.146(1)(b) or s.146(2)(b)
  Not to confirm officer's promotion s.146(1)(a) or s.146(2)(a)
  Officer is unsuitable for promotion to position of senior constable (general duties) s.164(1)(c)
Transfer decisions  Directed transfer under section 35 s.146(1)(h) or s.146(2)(f)
  To otherwise compulsory transfer s.146(1)(i) or s.146(2)(g)