Reviews generally involve the following decisions by Victoria Police made under the Victoria Police Act 2013.

Decision Category Description Victoria Police Act 2013
Disciplinary decisions Dismissal s.146(1)(m) or s.146(2)(k)
  Fine s.146(1)(j) or s.146(2)(h)
  Period of ineligibility for promotion s.146(1)(k) or s.146(2)(I)
  Reduction of rank or seniority s.146(1)(e) or s.146(2)(c)
  Reduction of remuneration s.146(1)(f) or s.146(2)(d)
  Termination of appointment s.146(1)(I) or s.146(2)(j)
  Transfer s.146(1)(g) or s.146(2)(e)
Incapacity Dismissal s.70(2)(d)
  Reduction of rank or seniority s.702(2)(b) or (c)
  Transfer s.70(2)(a) or (c)
Non-disciplinary decision Decision not to promote officer, being a constable in the same position s.146(1)(d)
  Disallow officer's promotion s.146(1)(b) or s.146(2)(b)
  Not to confirm officer's promotion s.146(1)(a) or s.146(2)(a)
  Officer is unsuitable for promotion to position of senior constable (general duties) s.164(1)(c)
Transfer decisions Compulsory transfer s.146(1)(i) or s.146(2)(g)
  Directed transfer s.146(1)(h) or s.146(2)(f)

Enterprise Agreement Disputes

At the Chief Commissioner's request, PRSB undertakes functions listed under clause 11 of the Victoria Police Enterprise Agreement 2015 and the Victoria Police Commanders Enterprise Agreement 2015.

  • Suitability for transfer from an expression of interest other than for disciplinary reasons (clause 17[1]). 
  • A decision to deny progression on the basis of performance (clause 21). 
  • A decision in relation to salary on re-appointment (clause 21.
[1] If an 'expression of interest is characterised as a request within the meaning of s.34 of the Victoria Police Act 2013, then any decision of the Chief Commissioner is reviewable under s.141(1) and the aggrieved person should be directed to that procedure. 

See letters from the Chief Commissioner to the President of the PRSB about conducting these inquiries.

Contact The Police Association Victoria (External link) or PRSB for more information.