Leaving policing is no longer a permanent decision: the Police Profession Register provides a pathway for former police officers to return to Victoria Police.

Victoria’s professional registration system for police commenced in April 2014 and is unique to Australia. 

PRSB administers the Register and conducts an independent assessment of an applicant's character, reputation, capabilities, experience and qualifications gained from prior police service and other work.  

Once registered, registrants may apply for re-employment with Victoria Police.

Who can apply?

  • Former Victoria Police members, who resign  and are of good character and reputation and have the capabilities to perform the role of police officer.

  • Current members who resign voluntarily and are of good character and reputation may apply up to 3 months before and up six months after departing. read more (External link).

  • Former Victoria Police members who were dismissed are ineligible to apply for registration.

  • Current and former Victoria Police members, who were not confirmed as a constable are deemed not to have met the capability threshold and do not need to apply for registration but may apply directly (External link) to Victoria Police for re-employment. 

What qualifies me for registration?

  • Good character and reputation

  • Holding any qualifications and experience prescribed by the Regulations for that specified rank

  • Showing the capabilities required to perform as a police officer at a specified rank

I'm a police officer: What's in it for me?

  • I can keep the door open while taking a break from policing for career, family or personal reasons.

  • I won't have to start again. My prior police experience and skills will be recognised.

  • Newly gained capabilities, experience and qualifications will be independently assessed and valued. I may be eligible to apply for positions at a higher rank than held when I resigned. read more.

  • I can try something different in my career but still stay connected with the police profession. 

  • If I register at the time I resign, future employers will know I left Victoria Police in good standing.

      Read stories of police officers who have returned.

Organisation and community benefits

The registration scheme allows police to have diverse career options. Through registration, police can join other police services or work in other sectors but come back to Victoria Police. This reduces the permanent loss of capable police officers from Victoria Police and also means that those returning bring new skills, ideas and ways of working. Policing and shift work can be very demanding and the scheme allows police to take ‘time out’ if they need for health, family or other reasons.  

Key reports such as the Victoria Police Blue Paper (External link) and the PRSB Report Career and Capabilities of Former Victoria Police Members identify the potential benefits of bringing back former members with newly acquired skills, capabilities, work systems and different perspectives and mindsets.


Registration process

Click on the stages below to find out more.


Step 1: Lodgement and Notification

Follow the step by step guide to apply for registration.


Step 2: Information gathering and checking

Victoria Police provides the PRSB with a former member report, which is a record of an applicant’s service history and includes probity checks (any complaints, serious incidents or discipline issues). 

A letter from Victoria Police Recruitment, Deployment and Workplace Relations may accompany the former member report. Victoria Police obtains references from former police supervisors whereas PRSB obtains references from other professional colleagues, managers or contacts.

Victoria Police information

Prior Service History Background Checks

Required qualifications and experience (for example, the Sergeant Qualifying Program)

Assessments for character and reputation contained in the former member report

Referee reports from prior supervisors in Victoria Police

LEAP/Criminal Record checks
Correspondence from recruitment, Deployment and workplace Relations Internet based checks

Certificate of Service received after departure

Any other necessary investigations  and enquiries

Nominated referees

PRSB will contact your referees, nominated from occupations other than Victoria Police, and ask for a written reference against the relevant rank capability profiles.


Step 3: Assessment

The assessment considers the currency, durability and transferability of all the applicant’s capabilities, qualifications and experience. Based on all the information at hand, an opinion is formed about whether an applicant qualifies for registration and is suitable to the current policing environment. In other words, is the applicant of a standard expected for their years of service (at rank) and how might they perform in the future.


Applicants may be invited to attend a structured interview with the Deputy President and other PRSB officer/s during which a discussion can clarify, elaborate or explain all the information at hand. The detailed history (former member report) is used to corroborate the application, professional references, rank requested, capability self-assessment and interview responses. Further information may be gathered at any time throughout the decision-making process.


Step 4: Intention

The applicant is advised of the PRSB intention to either:

  • register at a rank with conditions (written notification)
  • refuse registration (notified firstly by telephone, then in writing).

Prior to the final decision being made, applicants are invited to make a further submission within 7 days to the proposed rank, conditions or refusal. Any submission is taken into consideration before a final decision is made.


Step 5: Decision  

PRSB considers all the available information at hand. A final decision is made and notifications are issued to the applicant and Victoria Police.

If ultimately unsuccessful, applicants are contacted and advised about future opportunities.

In unusual cases, PRSB may conduct a formal hearing to decide whether or not to register an applicant.


Step 6: Registration

If registered, a letter is posted to you with a certificate showing the rank, conditions and expiry date of the registration.



Each applicant is unique and each application has different influencing factors.

It is important to remember that the greater the number of years since resignation from Victoria Police, the longer it takes to retrieve records and locate supervisors. This means that if you have been away from Victoria Police for 10 years, the processing of your application is likely to take longer than someone who resigned 2 years ago.


What happens once registered 

PRSB notifies Victoria Police that you are entered on the Police Profession Register and at which rank. Once registered, you may apply for re-employment with Victoria Police.


Registrant responsibilities 

Notify PRSB of

  1. Any changes in your personal contact details.
  2. Any changes in your personal circumstances, which affect the assessment of your good character and reputation, including but not limited to:
  •        Any criminal charge laid against you, or any finding that a criminal charge has been proven;
  •        Any action taken against you for disciplinary or professional misconduct; or
  •        Any dismissal from employment for reasons of serious misconduct.

Renewing registration 

Before registration expires, PRSB issues a notice of expiry and provides you with information about how to apply to renew.

If you gain new, relevant skills and experience while on the Register, you may apply to renew at a higher rank. read more.


Cancellations and suspensions

Registration may be cancelled or suspended in some circumstances in line with Part 6 Division 3 of the Victoria Police Act 2013.


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