In 2021 the PRSB conducted a survey of all those who participated in a PRSB transfer and promotion appeals process over a two-year period. We did this to learn about the experience of all those who were involved: appellants, selectees and the Chief Commissioner’s Representative. It is important for those designing and administering processes, like the PRSB and the TPU,  to “stand in the shoes” of those who use their services, to understand how people navigate the process and find information and support, and  to understand their perceptions of fairness.  

Over recent years, many changes have improved the TPU selection and the PRSB appeals processes, including new application forms and referee reports, and the use of written submissions and Microsoft Teams in appeals. It was timely to assess the impact of these changes.

The Appeals User Survey Report is the outcome of this project. Survey questions covered all stages of the selection and appeal process. Overall, the results showed general satisfaction with the appeal process. The survey has however identified some areas where we can better support participants, including by providing better advice on applying for positions and on preparing and presenting in appeals. The survey provides a benchmark to measure the impact of such changes.


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