• Hearing dates and details are updated by 4pm on the Monday following publication of The Gazette.
  • If your selection has been appealed, you will also be contacted via email.
  • Hearings are held at Level 6/155 Queen Street Melbourne and are open to the public unless otherwise ordered.
  • Appeals may be withdrawn and hearing times are subject to change.

Position Number

Nature of Hearing

Date & Time Listed








Peter Bull Rhonda Cumberland Alanna Duffy Chris Enright Andrea Lester Bernice Masterson Jenny Morgan Penny Webster Harriet Witchell


Attending a hearing

  • Switch mobile phones to silent or off in the hearing room.
  • Leave food and drink in waiting room (unless medically necessary). Water is provided.
  • Stand as hearing officers enter or leave the room at the beginning and end of the hearing.
  • Recordings are not permitted.
  • Operational equipment is not permitted in the hearing room.