Due to the current state of emergency priority will be given to applications for registration from former members who resigned from Victoria Police within the last 2 years, and who wish to return to Victoria Police in the immediate future.

Before submitting an application, please read the PRSB Guide to Assessment for Registration (External link) and the Victoria Police information for former Victoria Police members (External link).

If you wish to proceed with an application, please email the PRSB (External link) or telephone 0459 867 116.


Type Who can apply? When can I apply? What documents do I need?

Departure (at substantive rank at resignation)

Current Victoria Police officer intending to resign Apply any time from 3 months before leaving Copy of driver licence, 3 PDAs, consent to check records, statutory declaration
After departure (constable to commander) Former Victoria Police officer, who resigned voluntarily not previously registered No cut-off apply any time CV, capability self-assessment, consent to check records, statutory declaration
Renewal (at registered rank) Registrant renewing at same rank Before expiry  on the Register CV, consent to check records, statutory declaration
Renewal (higher than registered rank) Registrant renewing at higher rank Before expiry  on the Register CV, capability self-assessment, consent to check records, statutory declaration

More information

Referees - Registration after departure and renewal at higher rank only

  • Referees should be drawn from occupations other than Victoria Police
  • Assess your referee's interest and availability to provide a written reference
  • Referees should hold significant knowledge of your capabilities, preferably as a supervisor
  • If self- or un-employed, consider professional associates, clients and/or personal referees

 Victoria Police references - On departure only

Statutory declaration

  • This is a statutory declaration relevant to your character and reputation, consent for exchange of information and accuracy and authenticity
  • Disclosure of adverse information does not automatically exclude you from consideration so explain the context and circumstances

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