Type Who can apply? When can I apply?
Initial (constable to commander) Former Victoria Police officer not previously registered No cut-off apply any time
Renewal (at registered rank) Registrant renewing at same rank After 2 years on the register
Renewal (higher than registered rank) Registrant renewing at higher rank After 2 years on the register
Departure (at substantive rank at resignation) Current Victoria Police officer intending to resign or undertake LWOP or secondment Apply any time from 3 months before leaving or taking up LWOP or secondment

How to apply

1. Select form

  • Initial (constable to commander rank)       
  • Renewal (at registered rank)                                   
  • Renewal (higher than registered rank)                           
  • Departure (at substantive rank at resignation)

2. Nominate rank and provide evidence against capability profiles: Initial and renewal at higher rank only 

3. External references: Initial and renewal at higher rank only

  • Referees should be drawn from your post-Victoria Police experience
  • Assess your referee's interest and availability to provide a written reference
  • Referees should hold significant knowledge of your capabilities, preferably as a supervisor
  • If self- or un-employed, consider professional associates, clients and/or personal referees

4. Victoria Police references: On departure only

5. Declaration

  • This is a statutory declaration relevant to your character and reputation
  • Disclosure of adverse information does not automatically exclude you from consideration so explain the context and circumstances
  • Obtain statutory declaration forms at www.justice.vic.gov.au (External link) or use VP form 755

6. Attach and submit documents