Date Title Topic Type
04/01/2023 PRSB Annual Report 2021-22 Board governance Report
02/11/2022 Community of Practice for Ethics Education Terms of Reference Education, professional development and standards Information
30/03/2022 Registration Application Renewal Registration and career mobility Form
14/02/2022 Appeals User Survey Appeals Paper
14/02/2022 The moral of the story: storytelling and ethical decision making Police professionalisation Information
07/02/2022 Appeals Survey 2021 (Chief Commissioner's Representatives) Appeals Paper
07/02/2022 Appeals Survey 2021 (Appellants and Selectees) Appeals Paper
10/01/2022 PRSB Practice Direction - Police Officer Promotion and Transfer Appeals Appeals Practice note
28/10/2021 PRSB Annual report 2020-21 Board governance Report
13/01/2021 PRSB Practice Direction for Promotion Appeals: PSO Sergeant (Supervisor) Appeals Practice note