Nominate a rank

  1. Applicants are assessed at a specified rank against the Victoria Police Capability Framework (email PRSB (External link) to request capability guidelines for your rank/s).
  2. Using the guidelines, look at the capabilities and indicators for your departure rank.
  3. Think about how your experience, skills and qualifications might match these capabilities.
  4. If you have gained substantial and relevant skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications since leaving Victoria Police, you may be better aligned with a higher rank.
  5. For sergeant and above, consider whether your management and leadership capabilities match current expectations (see Management and Leadership Capability below).
  6. Nominate a rank. 

Management and Leadership Capability

Read these publications to find out about the qualities and behaviours expected of leaders in Victoria Police.

Evidence of Capability

For Registration After Departure and Renewal at higher rank applications, provide evidence of your capabilities against a rank.

  1. Provide examples using the STAR method.

    Explain the Situation (context), Task you were given or Action you took and the Result (outcome).

  2. Respond to the indicators, not just the heading: Dot points are acceptable.
  3. Provide relevant examples of your capabilities, which may be from your experience after leaving Victoria Police.
  4. Use policing language and concepts to make comparisons between your current/previous work and that within Victoria Police.  
  5. For sergeant and above, demonstrate relevant and contemporary management and leadership experience (see management and leadership capability above).

Note: Your nominated referees will be asked to provide a written reference on your capabilities at this rank.