You must lodge using VP Form 1047 within three days of the selection being published in The Gazette.

The closing date is midnight on the first Thursday after the publication of The Gazette.

Lodge via email PRSB-REVIEWDIVISION-MGR@police.vic.gov.au (External link).

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Late applications

An extension will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Anyone seeking to extend the fixed time limits must apply in writing to the PRSB (email is acceptable).


Withdrawing an appeal

You may withdraw at any time before the decision is given by notifying the PRSB secretary in writing (email is acceptable). This will count towards your total of four appeals in any financial year.


Notification to selectee and local panel representative

PRSB notifies the selectee/s for the position/s and the local panel representative by email (within business hours), after the notice of appeal has been received.

The appeal hearing list is updated by 4pm Monday after publication of The Gazette.


Applying for other positions while selection is under appeal

Selectees may apply for other positions during an appeal period. Contact the Transfer and Promotion Unit at Victoria Police and arrange to manually submit your application. Your application can only progress if the appeal against your selection is allowed.