Date Title Topic Type
28/08/2020 How To Observe an Appeal that is Being Heard on Teams Appeals Information
28/08/2020 Instructions for Appeal Participants (Microsoft Teams) Appeals Information
28/08/2020 Special Practice Note Appeals - UPDATED 28 AUGUST Appeals Practice note
22/05/2020 Guide to Transfer and Promotion Appeals Appeals Information
18/05/2020 Letter From the Chief Commissioner referring disputes to the PRSB 08/05/2020 Reviews Guideline
21/10/2019 PRSB Annual Report 2018-19 Board governance Report
28/06/2019 Challenge your unconcious bias factsheet Education, professional development and standards Information
21/12/2018 Guide to Assessment for Registration Registration and career mobility Information
05/10/2018 Memorandum of Agreement Appeals Information
03/10/2018 Registrant Guide to Applying for Positions Registration and career mobility Information