Principal Policing Practitioner

The overarching goal of the PRSB is to support the professionalisation of policing. To be effective in performing its statutory functions (review, registration and professional standards), PRSB needs access to contemporary operational policing knowledge, so that stakeholders can be confident that our decisions and advice are founded with appropriate professional expertise.

The Board created the internal role of Principal Policing Practitioner (PPP) to provide such an internal source of advice to members and staff of the PRSB. The PPP is able to provide support to Review Division members and members making registration decisions. While those members will make their decisions independently, the PPP may, for example, assist by developing competency-based behavioural questions to test operational policing skills or assist the member in understanding a particular police function, terminology, or police craft and knowledge. The PPP can also act as a conduit into areas of Victoria Police when needed, and can provide support to the PRSB’s Professional Standards Division in its work advising on police education and professional development.

Mr Peter Bull, Deputy President (Registration) held the inaugural PPP role with demonstrated benefit to the PRSB and its relationships with stakeholders. Mr Bull resigned in September 2019.

At its September 2019 meeting, the PRSB appointed Mr Chris Enright (Deputy President, Review) to perform this role. Chris is a former inspector with Victoria Police who served for 29 years in criminal and operational investigation with the Homicide Squad before obtaining a law degree (first class honours) in 2003. In 2004, he was seconded to the Australian Crime Commission. He lectured in criminal law and has performed a variety of senior roles in regulatory agencies and tribunals. Chris was first appointed as a member of the PRSB’s Review Division in September 2016, and was appointed Deputy President Review for a three-year term, commencing July 2019.

Chris will support staff and members across all PRSB functions by:

  • Providing an internal source of contemporary policing expertise;
  • Assisting to identify developments and trends in policing methods and knowledge; and
  • Advising PRSB Members and staff about contemporary policing practice to assist in the performance of their functions.


Andrea Lester