Currency and re-employment competitiveness

Currency or recency of practice is the maintenance of competency to perform as a police officer. Some former members may find it difficult to demonstrate contemporary policing skills; however, many of these skills are durable. For example, do you feel that you could still execute a safe, lawful arrest?

Returning constables and senior constables undertake an individualised training needs assessment to determine any skill gap, whereas for sergeants and above, selection to a position infers such competency. Recency of police practice may be a determinant for some registrants in their competiveness for re-employment.

For regulated professions (for example, the health industry), registration standards include recency of practice, which varies from 2 to 5 years depending on the field. PRSB will work with Victoria Police to form a definition around currency or recency of practice in policing.


Registrants are eligible to apply for re-employment with Victoria Police at or below their registered rank. The Police Alternate Employment Unit (PAEU) within Victoria Police manages this process.

Contact PAEU

Phone (03) 9247 3219

Email (External link)


Rank Check Selection Vacancies
Constable/ senior constable Pre-employment checks (fitness, medical and psychological  tests) Re-appointment process including panel interview and skills gap analysis. Registrants are appointed to positions subject to availability
Sergeant and senior sergeant Pre-employment checks (fitness, medical and psychological  tests) Applicants compete for vacant positions under a merit based selection process. Details of vacancies are provided by PAEU. (External link)
Inspector to commander Pre-employment checks (which  may include fitness, medical and psychological  tests) Applicants compete for vacant positions under a merit based selection process. Positions are advertised at (External link)

Consider VPS roles

Before returning to a sworn position, some former police officers have taken-up public service (VPS) roles as a way of re-orienting themselves with Victoria Police and current policing issues and practices. VPS vacancies are advertised on (External link)

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