8.1 When will I get the decision?

At the end of the hearing, the PRSB Member will explain the likely timing of the decision.

PRSB Members try to complete their decisions as soon as possible, while taking the time needed to consider all the issues carefully.

Most decisions are finalised by the Friday of the week of the hearing. In weeks with public holidays, in complex matters with many parties, or if the PRSB Member is ill, has unavoidable commitments or has heard several appeals, the decision may take a little longer (see part 9 of this Guide: Appeal Timelines).

If the decision in your appeal is going to be delayed, the PSRB will let you know.

The decision will not unnecessarily repeat the information in the Selection File or given in the hearing. It will set-out the PRSB Member’s key reasons for the decision and aim to provide you with constructive feedback to assist your career development and performance in future selection processes.

The PRSB website carries a sample decision to assist participants in an appeal. Remember that every appeal is different, so do not place too much reliance on the issues in the sample decision.

You will receive the PRSB decision by email. If you will not be contactable through your Victoria Police email address in this timeframe, please advise the PRSB Secretary of an alternative email.

Appeal decisions are not published on the PRSB website but are provided to relevant Victoria Police managers, the CCR and the parties. If an appeal is allowed, the outcome will be published in The Gazette.

The appeal decision will also be forwarded to The Police Association Victoria (TPAV) so that TPAV can monitor the overall functioning of the transfer and promotion and related appeal systems in Victoria Police and represent members’ interests. The PRSB has entered into an agreement with TPAV which ensures that appeal decisions are only used for these purposes, are treated confidentially, and are not distributed beyond the small number of TPAV staff members who need the information for this purpose. A copy of the Memorandum of Agreement with TPAV can be viewed at www.prsb.vic.gov.au/resources . (External link) If you don’t wish your appeal decision to be forwarded to TPAV, you may request this in writing by emailing review@prsb.vic.gov.au (External link) before or immediately after the hearing of your appeal.


8.3 Can I appeal the PRSB decision?

PRSB decisions are subject to Supreme Court review (Administrative Law Act 1978 (Vic) or the Court’s original jurisdiction under Order 56 of the Supreme Court (General Civil Procedure) Rules 2015 (Vic).