The Professional Standards Division hosts an ethics conversations series with experts in a range of ethics topics relevant to policing.

These conversations take place through Teams, with the opportunity for comments and questions from the attendees and then made available here.

If you would like to join the mailing list to be informed of future events, please email (External link).

Professor Wim Vandekerckhove holds a PhD from Ghent University. Before joining EDHEC, he held a lecturer post at Ghent University (Belgium), visiting scholarships at the University of Oslo (Norway), Griffith University (Australia), the International Anti-Corruption Academy (Austria), and was Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Greenwich (UK). He is an expert in whistleblowing and organisational trust.
Professor Michael Macauley discusses the use of storytelling and how that connects – both positively and negatively – with ethical decision making. This conversation explores the psychological links between developing narratives and sensemaking and provides an example of positive storytelling practice from New Zealand police. The session also warns against the dangers of storytelling as a form of manipulation on an individual and cultural level.
Professor Mary Gentile presents the Giving Voice to Values approach to values-driven leadership development and ethics education. Rather than a focus on ethical analysis, the Giving Voice to Values curriculum focuses on effective and ethical action, by building the skills, confidence, moral muscle and the habit of voicing our values.

The conversation addresses how Victoria Police officers can voice and act on their values effectively, how we can improve our effectiveness in voicing our values and being heard and how we can create an environment where values are voiced and heard.

Assistant Commissioner Therese Walsh, Victoria Police Professional Standards Command provides introductory remarks and a panel discussion with examples and enablers of values based conversations follows with Professor Mary Gentile, Assistant Commissioner Kevin Casey, People Development Command and Commander Therese Fitzgerald, Southern Metro and Member of the Professional Standards Division, PRSB.