Which fields do I use?

Publication Year Review decisions have been published since 2014. 
Applicant name In some cases pseudonyms replace names.  
Decisions reviewed 

Criminal finding

Disallow/ not confirm promotion

Dismissal - discipline


Non-promotion/ unsuitable (senior constable)

Other decision - discipline, criminal finding, incapacity


Transfer - discipline, criminal finding, incapacity, directed or compulsory. 

Key subjects

Breach instruction/policy


Conflict of interest

Custody management

Discrimination/human rights

Dishonesty (not criminal)

Drink driving

Drug and alcohol

Duty failure

Family violence

Health and safety


Misuse of information

Off-duty behaviour

Operational needs

Other traffic

Personal circumstances

Sexual harassment/sexual misconduct

Use of force

Workplace conflict

PRSB order

Decision - affirmed, set aside, set aside and substituted, set aside and referred

Interim decision

Order for - reinstatement, compensation.


  1. Select subject from the list and click apply (decisions will display).
  2. Search multiple fields by selecting various search fields and click apply (matching decisions will display).
  3. To sort results, click on any underlined column heading.
  4. To access a particular decision, click on case code.