Professional standards

This Division was established under the Victoria Police Act 2013:

  • to advise the Chief Commissioner about competency standards, practice standards, educational courses and supervised training arrangements for police officers, protective services officers and police reservists
  • to support and promote the continuing education and professional development of police officers, protective services officers and police reservists.

Police Professionalisation

Towards a Shared Vision of Police Professionalisation in Victoria explores the directions and perspectives on police professionalisation in Victoria and identifies opportunities for the Board's Professional Standards and Registration functions to support this agenda.

The paper draws on the Board's consultations with representatives from policing and government, Victoria Police strategic plans, reviews of police practice and the policing literature.

Key stakeholders identified that the Board can provide an independent and fresh perspective on policing, explore new approaches, and be a catalyst for shifting culture, particularly, in changing attitudes towards career mobility and valuing external experience.

Professional Boundaries in Policing

The Review Division have observed that a number of reviews of police discipline matters have involved police officers having intimate relationships with vulnerable members of the public whom they encountered in the course of their duty. The Board embarked on a project to identify how other policing jurisdictions and professions understand and educate their members about maintaining professional boundaries in their practice.

Nurses, social workers, psychologists and teachers for example have a shared language and terminology, foundation training and conceptual frameworks for understanding that such behaviour is harmful and potentially exploitative.  Such professions require members to assume responsibility for maintaining the 'professional boundary' between themselves and their clients. 

President Andrea Lester and Senior Project Officer Shay Keating presented on Understanding and Managing Professional Boundaries in Police Work at the 2017 International Women in Law Enforcement Conference.