It is often argued that trust is needed for people to speak up about wrongdoing. But the concept of trust can be vague and used as a catch-all.

  •  What does trust mean concretely for speaking up?
  •  Who needs to trust whom? And to do or be what exactly?
  •  What makes it difficult to establish trust with regard to speaking up?
  •   How can the new guidance provided by ISO37002 - Whistleblowing management systems provide solutions?

In this conversation, trust will be disentangled into more concrete attributions between those who speak and those who listen. Examples will be provided from different organisational contexts together with effective practices for establishing, implementing and maintaining speaking up and listening up systems.

Workshop details

When: Friday 9 September 8:00 – 9.30 am
Where: Online
Cost: Free
How: Sign up here (External link)