Improving career mobility for police officers benefits both the organisation and its members though supporting a healthier workforce, allowing valuable skills and experience to be retained and promoting diversity of thinking and broader capability.

In 2016, PRSB embarked on research to better understand the value of career mobility and o inform improvements to the PRSB registration scheme - the first step for former members to re-enter Victoria Police.

Response was strong with 254 former members participating in an online survey and 64 in a focus group or a phone interview, to talk about their careers and capabilities, reasons for leaving and experience of the registration and re-entry systems.

Peter Bull (Deputy President Registration) said that ...PRSB was overwhelmed by the interest in the research and is grateful to all the former members who shared their experience.

Many former police officers had honed their policing skills, developed new capabilities and acquired further qualifications, all of which could be of benefit if brought back to the organisation. Deputy President Bull also noted that was encouraging that many former members had retained a strong passion for policing.

The registration scheme has been developing since 2014 and this research has offered valuable insight about where and how to create a more welcoming and effective system to meet the needs of Victoria Police and its current and former members.

Read full report Careers and Capabilities: Former Victoria Police Members Survey Report.