What types of decisions can the Board review?

A police officer or Protective Services Officer (PSO) may apply to the PRSB for a review of a decision made by the Chief Commissioner (or delegate) in accordance with the Victoria Police Act 2013 ('the Act'). Generally, reviews involve decisions by Victoria Police in relation to:

  • Disciplinary decision specified under section 146 of the Act: dismissal (s.146(1)(m) or s.146(2)(k)); termination of appointment (s.146(1)(l) or s.146(2)(j)); reduction of rank or seniority (s.146(1)(e) or s.146(2)(c)); transfer (s.146(1)(g) or s.146(2)(e)); period of ineligibility for promotion (s.146(1)(k) or s.146(2)(i)); fine (s.146(1)(j) or s.146(2)(h)); and reduction of remuneration (s.146(1)(f) or 146(2)(d))
  • Non-disciplinary decision specified under section 146 of the Act: not to confirm the officer’s promotion (s.146(1)(a) or s. 146(2)(a)); disallow the officer’s promotion (s.146(1)(b) or s. 146(2)(b)); officer is unsuitable for promotion to a position of senior constable (general duties) (s.146(1)(c)); and decision not to promote the officer, being a constable, to the rank of senior constable in the same position (s.146(1)(d))
  • Directed transfer decision under s.146(1)(h) or s.146(2)(f)) of the Act
  • Compulsory transfer decision under s.146(1)(i) or s.146(2)(g) of the Act, or
  • Incapacity decision specified under section 146 of the Act: reduction of rank or seniority (s.70(2)(b) or (c)); transfer (s.70(2)(a) or (c)); or dismissal (s.70(2)(d)).

How does the Board conduct reviews?

The Practice Note: Reviews contains information about the review process and will give you an idea of the likely timeframes for a review hearing. 

How do I apply?

An application for review of a decision specified in section 146 of the Act must be made using the relevant form approved by the Board.

There are different application forms for different types of reviews:

The completed application must attach the documents and provide the information specified in the form. To download the relevant form, visit the Forms page of the website.

Who will hear my review?

Review hearings (excluding termination of appointment or dismissal) may be conducted by a single member of the Review Division of the PRS Board or two members, one of whom one must be the President or Deputy President. Termination or dismissal hearings must comprise three Board members, one of whom must be the President or Deputy President and one of whom must be a legal practitioner of at least five years standing.

Can I access previous decisions of the Board?

To access published decisions, visit Review decisions.

Further information

For further information refer to Part 8 of the Victoria Police Act 2013 or contact the Board.