The PRSB Review Division provides an independent forum for employees of Victoria Police to challenge selection decisions involving positions for which they have applied. Where an appeal has been lodged by a member of Victoria Police or a Protective Services Officer, the PRSB hears and determines the claims to promotion and/or transfer of the appellant(s) and those of the person(s) selected. The Chief Commissioner must give effect to the appeal decision of the PRSB.

An appeal against a selection decision is an independent and objective review of the claims of the parties and provides a final decision based on the relative efficiency of the candidates. For all positions, efficiency is defined by the Victoria Police Act 2013 as:

‘the aptitude and special qualifications necessary for the discharge of the duties of the position in question, together with merit, diligence, good conduct, quality of service, mental capacity and physical fitness'

The Victoria Police Act 2013 provides that appeals proceed by way of re-hearing. This constitutes a fresh consideration of the efficiency of the parties based on oral submissions and responses to questions during the hearing. Through this process the PRSB assists in relieving workplace tensions and provides reassurance about the process, ensuring it is based on fairness and equity.

Appeals are usually heard by the Deputy President Review Division or a member of the Review Division sitting alone. It is bound by the rules of natural justice and regulates its own procedures with as little formality as possible. The PRSB through comment in its written decisions seeks to support compliance with established human resource policies and procedures as well as providing interpretations which are designed to assist in the way particular policies are implemented.

For further information on the appeals process, go to Appeals: A Guide for police officers and protective services officers.

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For further information on the legislation refer to Part 8 of the Victoria Police Act 2013.