The registration process

Former Victoria Police officers (other than a former police officer who has been dismissed from Victoria Police) and current serving police officers absent on leave without pay (LWOP) or on secondment to an external organisation are eligible to apply for registration on the Police Profession Register.

A person is qualified for registration if the person:

  • is of good character and reputation;
  • has any qualifications and experience for registration at a specified rank; and
  • has the capabilities required to perform as a police officer at a specified rank.

Former Victoria Police officers

Registration on the PRS Board Police Profession Register is a pathway for former police officers to return to Victoria Police. In order to be considered for re-employment, Victoria Police requires former police officers to first be registered.

Former police officers can apply to be registered at a rank up to Commander. The professional registration process involves rigorous and independent checks of former police officers’ capabilities, character and reputation. Capabilities, qualifications and experience a former member has gained inside and outside of policing is recognised. 

Once registered, former police officers can apply for re-employment in Victoria Police.  Registration does not guarantee re-employment. For all re-employment enquiries, please contact the Police Alternative Employment Unit (PAEU) at Victoria Police by phone on (03) 9247 3219 or email

For more information on registration, go to the Police Profession Register FAQs or contact the Board by phone (03) 9600 4288 or via email

To apply, visit Apply for registration.

Police officers on LWOP or secondment

The Board is currently exploring options with Victoria Police to establish registration for current serving police officers on LWOP and secondment.