Case studies

Registration on the Police Profession Register is a pathway to re-employment with Victoria Police. The stories below highlight the experiences of police officers who have returned to Victoria Police after pursuing other careers or taking a break for personal or family reasons.


Andrea left Victoria Police to join Northern Territory Police for a change in lifestyle. After five years policing in a vastly different context to Victoria, she sought to return. Once registered on the Police Profession Register she was successful in gaining a Sergeant position with Victoria Police. Andrea is enthusiastic about working again in Victoria Police and has brought back a strong understanding of the importance of community policing.

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Craig left his policing role in a small town in North eastern Victoria to take up a teaching opportunity in the local community. After four years away, he realised he missed policing and applied to be registered. His journey to gain a Senior Constable position involved passing pre-entry assessments and a 16 week stint at the Academy, but for Craig this effort was worth it. A career in policing continues to open up new opportunities for him.

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After 35 years working with Victoria Police, David resigned to help out his aging parents. After two years out, David realised he missed the job and sought to return. He found the structured registration process to be thorough and observed that the process was helpful in creating a more flexible working environment for members. David was successful in gaining an Inspector position with Victoria Police and has come back to policing feeling invigorated.

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After working for 17 years in Victoria Police, Martin resigned to take on roles in Ambulance Victoria, WorkCover and the Office of Police Integrity before returning to Victoria Police as an unsworn public servant. Once registered, Martin was successful in gaining an Inspector role with Victoria Police bringing with him a vast amount of public sector management experience that has stood him in good stead on his return.

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