Apply for registration

Application types


Who can apply?

When can I apply?

Initial (constable to commander rank)                

former Victoria Police officers not previously registered

no cut-off, apply any time

Renewal (same as registered rank)                                                   

registrants renewing at the same rank

after 2 years on the register

Renewal (higher than registered rank)                            

registrants renewing at a higher rank

after 2 years on the register

Departure (same substantive rank at resignation)                                     

current Victoria Police officer who is planning to resign

apply anytime from 3 months before leaving (process is quicker still employed with Victoria Police).

How to apply

1. Select form

2. Nominate rank (for initial and renewal at higher rank only)

  • See Rank Capability Profiles for Applicants
  • Consider relevance and transferability of external experience and align with respective capability profile
  • For sergeant and above, demonstrate relevant and contemporary management and leadership

4. External references (for initial and renewal at higher rank only)

  • Referees should be drawn from your post-Victoria Police experience
  • Check your referees interest and availability to provide a written reference
  • Referees should hold significant knowledge of your capabilities, preferably as a supervisor. If you are self-employed or not employed, consider professional associates, clients and/or personal referees.

5. Victoria Police references

  • Provide details of your previous Victoria Police supervisors
  • For registration on departure applications, provide details of your two most current supervisors

6. Declaration

  • This is a statutory declaration, asking you to disclose matters, which are relevant to your good character and reputation
  • Disclosure of adverse information does not automatically exclude you from consideration
  • Explain the context and circumstances, which will be considered in making the overall assessment
  • Statutory declaration forms are available at or use VP form 755

7.  Attach documents

  • Complete Consent to Check Records and attach (for initial and renewal only)
  • Attach copy of driver licence (for registration on departure only)
  • Attach three PDAs (for registration on departure only)

8. Submit

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