Police registration

The Police Profession Register (the Register) is an Australian first, offering a pathway for former police officers to return to Victoria Police at or above the rank they last attained (up to and including commander). One value of registration is the opportunity to keep up to date about relevant information, developments within Victoria Police and potential employment.

The Register was established under the Victoria Police Act 2013 (the Act) and is administered through the PRSB to enhance career mobility for police and to help ensure that capable officers are not lost to the profession if they decide to take break for family, personal reasons or to pursue another career.

Registration involves rigorous, independent checks of your character, reputation and capabilities at the rank you nominate, which if you have gained significant relevant experience and qualifications, may be higher than previously held. Registration is for valid for two years, providing good character and reputation are maintained, and is renewable at the same or higher rank.

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In this section

The registration process

Information about eligibility and the registration process.

Apply for registration

Information on how to apply for registration on the Police Profession Register.

Case studies

Case studies about the experiences of police officers who have returned to policing after pursuing other careers or taking a break.